Our Mission

Our Mission Is:

“To connect the hurting veteran as well as their families and friends with others who have already begun the transition home after war. With Jesus Christ as our focal point it is our desire is to provide spiritual and emotional healing through our existing Outpost and Home Front system.”

Some facts: About three and one half million people actually went to Viet Nam. We are now hovering around age 60, over 58,000 did not come home. Of those who came home over 250,000 have committed suicide! One third suffer from PTSD and one quarter of the homeless population in America are vets, 25% of Viet Nam vets live on less than $10,000 a year and 70% of the unexplainable single car fatalities involve a Viet Nam vet.

In the late 80’s, 87% of the homeless throw away children living in King County were children of Viet Nam vets. So today we work in East & West Central neighborhoods of Spokane, where the bulk of the homes are single parent homes they are a result of Viet Nam and that period of our history.

A new area of Ministry: Last year suicide among our younger returning vets hit the news and finally some things in society have begun to change. Our local V.A. appointed an individual to head the Suicide Prevention outreach at the V.A. he needs our prayers! I have been asked to be a peer councilor to work with those who are willing to move out and seek help. I need your prayers for wisdom, patients and endurance. This also draws on my time, mind and financial resources. The good news is there have been no completed acts of suicide this year to date!

If you feel compelled to get involved in any way or want to talk or pray with me call 509-994-7177 or contact me by email.

In His Love Mike Zorn