The Wound

The Wound

The sky is blue, The day is warm, Just a typical Nam morn

Just a simple request, Who would have guessed?

Such a quiet gentle man, Why the gun in his hand?_ OH! We’re in Nam Land

Mike if you would please? Check for me, is it on full of Semi?

“No thought” Is it loaded? Or, On safe?


A simple bullet to the Head and He was Dead

Someone said “there is nothing we can do, it’s through!”

Yet every day I say

“Was there some way, something I could have done?”

So He would not have used the Gun.

Now “Life isn’t fun” not because of the gun, “but”

There must have been something we could have said or done.

Now when the sky is blue and the sun is warm

I am torn for in my ear I can almost hear

“That dreadful sound “

That spilled His blood on the ground.

Sarge “I am sorry” I didn’t sit and listen when you cried out

You needed a friend and I was to busy

Now I live in Misery

Michael L Zorn                        Plikue Viet Nam 68-69