Are you a Prisoner of War at Home?

Are You a Prisoner of War…

At, Home?    

Does your Family feel,

Trapped with you?

Won’t drive any where!

Don’t go shopping!

Won’t let your kids go places, without a security check!

Sleep with a gun; check your perimeter often during the night.

That’s normal; for where you have been… WANT OUT?

Point Man started with people just like you.

Point Man International Ministrieswas founded by Bill Landreth in 1984.  Bill was a Vietnam veteran who served with the Americal Division.  For years he had suffered from what is known as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Having many symptoms of PTSD, Bill couldn't get all of his needs met by the Veterans Administration (VA). We believe that the VA provides a very necessary and important role on the road to most veteran’s recovery, but the concentration does not target the "spiritual" part of man.  

Since 1984, when Seattle Police Officer and Vietnam Veteran Bill Landreth noticed he was arresting the same people each night, he discovered most were Vietnam vets like himself that just never seemed to have quite made it home. He began to meet with them in coffee shops and on a regular basis for fellowship and prayer. Soon, Point Man Ministries was conceived and became a staple of the Seattle area. 

Point Man is made up of Men and Women who have been right where you are. We are here; to walk with you as you work yourself out of that cell you have found your life in. We will help you navigate the V.A. and other Government agencies. We will walk with you until you feel you can handle life again.

We have small groups of vets that are… or have been right where you are. By our joint experience we can help each other grow to a New Normal.

When you are ready, we will answer faith based questions and help you see that God was not AWOL when you were off to War. Your life and what you have endured has purpose and meaning. You have worth and there is hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel!                  CHECK us OUT! @ POINTMAN MINISTRIES.ORG or POINTMANNORTHWEST.COM call509-994-7177 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it