Welcome to Point Man Ministries Northwest

Point Man Ministries Outposts for the Northwest: Including Washington, Idaho, and Montana

Point Man International Ministries is run by veterans from all conflicts, nationalities and backgrounds. Although, the primary focus of Point Man has always been to offer spiritual healing from PTSD, Point Man today is involved in group meetings, publishing, hospital visits, conferences, supplying speakers for churches and veteran groups, welcome home projects, and community support. Just about any where there are Vets there is a Point Man presence. All services offered by Point Man are free of charge. Need to talk right now call 1-800-877-8387

Support for Veterans is organized into local groups of Outposts and Home Fronts.

Outposts are lead by Christian Vets who care deeply about veterans and their struggles. They fully understand the difficulties associated with returning home after a long and difficult deployment as well as the non-combat experiences. Outposts are places for veterans to talk, share and listen to others who have walked in their shoes. All Vets are welcome regardless of what country they served with and gender is irrelevant as both men and women have served and sacrificed for their respective countries.

Homefront groups are lead by Christian mothers, wives, and friends of both active duty military and veterans. They provide an understanding ear and caring heart that only those left behind at home can understand. They have experienced the stress of dealing with deployments and the effects of a loved one returning home from war. If you have someone you love deployed or having issues readjusting since coming home get connected with a local group or contact HQ for assistance.

Our Area of Operation

Our area of operation ranges from Kalispell Montana, across the Northern Panhandle of Idaho, to the Pacific. Mike Zorn is the Washington State Director and Inland Empire Coordinator. While he has a team of co-laborers, each one is responsible to raise their own support.

Some Facts

What We Do

 We are working to solve the problems and needs of Veterans:


We volunteer as peer counselors in the Suicide Prevention program of the VA Medical Center, spending hndereds hours helping active dutey,  vets and famly members. We at least spent, twice as much time working on PTSD issues.

We work one-on-one with veterans, providing individual, family, and marriage counseling. We also hold groups for veterans and social activities for the family. Now the Army has asked us to work with active duty families, as well as the Guard and Reserves. They are overwhelmed with needs and under staffed and have invited faith based ministries to work with them.

Additional Services and Past Projects

 Hot Meals for Vets

We served 2000 hot meals at outreaches from Spokane to the Okanogans. Here in Spokane we worked with Feed Spokane to provide over a ton of food stuffs to Veterans their families and the homeless. Last year we traveled over 12, 000 miles going to meet Veterans where they live. This year our travel alone is averaging 500 miles per week. We traveled to the four largest Stand Downs in the US held right in our areas of operation

Hunting with Heroes

The Hunting with Heroes Sponsored by our Outpost was another successful event with another thirty veterans and active duty men and women attending.  21 Veterans and 9 active duty personnel enjoyed three days and two nights in Klickitat, Washington.  500 Pheasant were stocked throughout the weekend and an enjoyable time was had by all.  We were loaned a one man tracked vehicle by The Oregon Paralyzed Veterans Association and we had a former Marine who is paralyzed on his right side.  Needless to say he not only got to shoot some clay pigeons, but he also bagged a pheasant.  There was a lot of fun and even more healing on the trip.  Everyone got to take some pheasant home with them and some even got some venison.  Two of the veterans had their deer tags with them, so we went out and one of them bagged a 5 point buck.  He's still smiling (the veteran not the buck). http://youtu.be/s_ItU6SdKm0

Opportunities To Contribute

For the past year, our economy has been slow. This has put a strain on many non profit organizations. Last year, Point Man’s financial needs were up and yet we only received $5,000 of the $12,000 actually spent to sponsor our projects and activities for Veterans.

Point Man Ministries has a patch that states, ” Not All Wounds are Visible ! ” In order to make it possible to reach out to the Walking Wounded, it takes a community that is willing to go beyond those yellow ribbons of support, which show your compassion for our hometown heroes. We thank you for those yellow ribbons. They are a great display of support and encouragement.

However, we have much more work to do. We need those who are willing to financially help support our work as we go out to meet the needs of our Veterans and their families.